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1. Interim Deadline – 26/02/15 Statement of intent (600 words) and project proposal

  • intended area of research
  • list of sources
  • outline of visual experimentation

2. Interim Deadline 26/03/15 Presentation of project development 3. Interim Deadline 07/05/15 Two eternal portfolio reviews (?) Artist statement 500 words

Statement of Intent

Aims & Objectives:

  1. Title/theme
    1. ‘Trapped’, ‘Evidence of existence’; ‘Ergo sum’
    2. series of object put in the resin (ice or jelly are also the option), resembling of the archeological findings; evidence of human species existence, presented in the negative way – cigarette buts, beer bottle cups, burnt matches, used, flat battery etc; look for the objects on the Cosby Beach near Liverpool – things are being washed out and thrown back on the beach by the sea, which can give them a rough, interesting look and texture
  2. What’s the expected outcome of this?
    1.  My aim is to create a surreal series of the photographs inspired by the archeological findings – remains of dinosaurs trapped in amber and natural resin. I would like to send across the message of how the disposable nature of our species and how we fill our surrounding – the entire earth – with rubbish, which eventually will become the only evidence of our existence, if we’re not careful.

This series is inspired by my previous project, ‘In Depth’ and camera-less technique involving a use of enlarger. Originally, the idea was to continue using the camera-less technique and Polaroid film or Illford paper. However, after some research and the further idea development, I decided to use a macro lens instead, due to the very limited capacity of the enlarger, which highly restricts the variety of the objects I could use for this project.  I’m going to experiment with different substances, such as resin, jelly and ice, use various dyes and lighting technique. My aim is to create photographs the closest to the archeological findings.

My main source of research will be internet websites of appropriate artists and art and photo books.
Like I mentioned before, inspiration for this project came from the work of Jo Holland and my previous project, which led me to the collaboration of mentioned artist with a fashion designer, Cristina Sabaiduc, who used fabrics with Holland’s camera-less photographs, such as this one:

c630b2fffa23b1f1968dca1dae34b7c1 I think this photograph (1) has been taken with enlarger and introduces a range of shades and textures. Knowing Holland’s background and techniques, I presume that she painted the surface before trapping some form of liquid in it, which resulted in this beautifully colored, original image. For this silk pajamas (2) , designer used photograph of the feather trapped in salt crystals, which was painted and photographed in the similar technique to the previous image.

Research plan:

I want to base the idea development on the technique used by Jo Holland and the image of the archeological findings, such as these:

_55386192_mckellar8hr Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 23.49.38

Media & Management:

  • resin, jelly, ice
  • various objects, such as cigarette butts, burnt matches, bottle caps etc
  • dyes
  • gels, filters, flash gun, screen reflectors
  • macro lens


I’m going to explore various techniques of putting objects in resin and  then, too get some ideas of what the image will look like, I’m planing on doing a test shoot with use of digital camera and macro lens, which will allow me to see how objects put in the resin look like in the close up.
Second stage will involve use of the actual technique (enlarger + positive photo paper), which will give me a real view on what my final work will look like.

Update: After tutorial with Aj and assessing capacity of the enlarger, I decided to use transparency film and macro lens instead.

I’m going to record all my experimentation and research outcomes on the blog.

More successful shoots may be submitted to the competition entries. I’m also planning on submitting my final work to the exhibitions, such as Etalage.
As well as that, I’m hoping to get a regular feedback from the tutors and a class.

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