Joan Fontcuberta

12 Mar

I first came across his work while writing an essay about reality and fiction in photography. His photographs are a masterpiece of a visual manipulation. They balance on the borderline of illusion and lies, blending science and art.  They are very convincing and realistically looking. He clearly put a lot of effort in inventing his creations, justifying its feasibility with the scientific journals, museum displays and interviews with archeologists involved. His photos are fully staged and shot on film, what makes his work even more impressive. Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 15.54.33 This is one of the photographs from the series “Herbarium” (1984), which is one of his earliest work. It’s been built with a plant and animal mater, creating a surreal object resembling of a actual plant. It’s a very minimalistic, still life photograph, with a beautiful, soft lighting and shades. It looks like taken straight from the botanical book. Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 15.58.34 Another on of his scientific looking series, “Sirens” caused a lot of controversy amongst teachers, accusing him of amending the fossil records and making it hard to tech children about the evolution. Siren fossils have been built in the southern France and justified by testimonials of the geologist and priest Jean Fontana (5). Fontcuberta work is a fantastic, inspirational piece of the surreal art. It makes us to re-think everything we know and be more careful with believing in what we see. He also proofs, that with a bit of hard work, everything is possible and we as photographers, can send a very powerful message through our work.

My work is very much inspired by this great artist. I have not only created my own, archeological findings, but also trying to send a strong message about our bad habits and attitude towards the environment. I am also going to create a Latin names for my object to increase the feel of its scientific background.

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