How to use resin

21 Apr

This is a very useful blog post from Skinner Studio, who comperes different methods of dying the resin. Before trying those, I want to try
a translucent pigment in ‘Amber’,made especially for resin. If this doesn’t work, I’m then gonna move on to the fabric dye recommended in this blog post.

A couple of tutorials and health & safety tips for the newbies to resin. First video is especially useful, showing various types of encapsulation, casting and different stages of hardening.

Clear Casting resin is good for encapsulating large objects, giving the finished piece a glass like effect. Downside of it is definitely very long hardening time (5-7 days), also I would like to achieve look as close as possible to natural amber, i.e. air bubbles, lumps, roughness, therefore I’m not sure if this particular type of resin will be good for this project.

Gede Crystal Resin

This is a type of resin I used for my tests and it worked really well. I encapsulated a ring pull, using a plastic ice cube mold,  which turned out to be to deep and not flexible enough for the hardened resin to come out. I have had to force the edges of the finished piece, which resulted in major deformation, but in my opinion, it added to the final effect. I didn’t add any pigment, so the finished piece looks more like object trapped in ice cube rather than amber. I tried to photograph it against the sun to give it a tint of colour, but it wasn’t very effective:

IMG_20150402_151920 IMG_20150402_152029

I’m going to carry on with using this particular type of resin, however next time I will try to add a translucent pigment in Amber. I’m also going to try different molds, as the sizes of my object vary and ice cube tray may not be big enough for some of them.

One of the ideas is to create a mold from the thick piece of acrylic ( or similar ) and wrap it with a cello tape, just like this:

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 22.21.51

It should allow me to encapsulate larger items and manipulate the edges in order to create a fossil like object.
I’m going to use a selection of objects found on the streets/beach and in my garden, such as cigarette buts, various wrappers, caps, hair clips etc.

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