Making the resin fossil

22 Apr

I’ve gathered a few items that I think would be good for this project and put them in the ice cube mold: IMG_20150505_212240

  • bottle cap
  • cigarette butt
  • tube lid
  • ear plug
  • cigarette wrapper
  • broken bottle lid
  • moldy jelly
  • durex
  • penny
  • zip
  • paper clip
  • screw

I mixed resin with different amounts of translucent pigment in Amber, to make sure the final pieces look different and as natural as possible. IMG_20150505_212153 IMG_20150505_212357 I really struggled with getting the proportions right, therefore hardening took a lot longer than I expected. I also wanted to avoid smooth, perfectly shaped look, so Every few hours, I was ‘mixing’ the resin with an object to create the air bubbles and give it more natural shape. IMG_20150505_220011 Unfortunately, some of them didn’t set and when I was trying to shape them, they turned into sticky, shapeless mass, almost impossible to work with. I think adding a pigment have changed the consistency slightly, which resulted in longer hardening process.

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